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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker tool

A plagiarism checker tool is a software that helps you to detect the occurrence of plagiarism in any text. It can be a website, software or mobile application. A plagiarism checker tool helps you to identify whether an article is written from scratch, if it is an exact duplicate or if it was copied from some other source. Plagiarism checkers are useful in different academic areas such as psychology, law, education and humanities. They help students and researchers avoid plagiarism by checking if their work has been previously published. There are various ways of using such tools for different purposes like assessment, research and publishing formats.

To use the free Plagiarism Checker Tool of, just paste your article in the box and click check for Plagiarism.


Plagiarism Checker Tool: A Free Online Tool To Detect Copying

Copying someone else’s work is always a bad idea. But, sometimes it happens and it's really frustrating to have your hard work stolen by other people. Now there are tools available for us to check our work for plagiarism. Here is a tool that does just this. This free online tool will detect copying and compare your text against the internet-based plagiarism detection system,



of the Plagiarism Checker Tool

The plagiarism checker tool is a free online tool that compares your text against the internet-based plagiarism detection system, The tool can be found online at which allows you to search for any text and see if it matches the system’s database of known plagiarized content. If a match is found, the tool will provide information on where and when the content has been copied from, along with a list of other instances where this content has been found in other sources.


How It Works

The Plagiarism Checker Tool works by using the text in your document and comparing it to text on the internet. It's not too difficult to use either. All you have to do is enter your text and you can let the tool know whether or not you want it to compare your work against

If your work is found to be plagiarized, then you will see a red line of text on top of the page that says, "This document has been identified as being plagiarized." If it was found to be plagiarized without citing any sources, then there will be another red line of text that says "This document has been identified as being plagiarized for lack of citations." For extra protection, there will also be a sign next to what plagiarism it was identified for: "Plagiarism Detection" or "Copying Detection."


What this tool does

This tool will scan your text for plagiarism and compare it against the plagiarism detection system, If there is a match with what you have written, it will notify you. You can then decide whether or not to proceed further in the process of checking your work.

It also provides some other helpful information, such as how often your work has been copied over the past few years and how well your writing matches up against other texts from Turnitin that are similar enough to yours.


Use of the Plagiarism Checker Tool

The plagiarism checker tool provides you with a report that tells you if your work is plagiarized. If there are any matches, the report will tell you who the source is and how much of your work was copied. You can also view the original source material by clicking on the name of the person or website, which can be helpful for identifying where someone might have gotten their ideas from.

This free online tool will save you time and provide you with peace of mind as it eliminates any chance that your work could be stolen by a third party.



A free online tool to detect copying. This tool will help you avoid plagiarism and save your work from being stolen.